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Can you get a remote control for your gas fire?

November 2021
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Choosing a gas fire for your home can offer the best of both worlds: a real flame fireplace that provides a welcoming focal point in your home, and the fuss-free convenience of one-touch operation. At Sussex Fireplace Gallery, you’ll find a wide range of beautiful gas fires for you to choose from. Our gas fires are available for a number of installations and styling options include stunning surrounds and enchanting fuel effects. For your ultimate convenience, we also offer remote control operation.

Interestingly, while electric fires tend to come with a remote control as standard, this option is not often considered for gas fires. But why ever not? It doesn’t take much to workout the obvious benefits:

·  Ultimate comfort and convenience

You can operate your gas fire without having to get up from the sofa, just like the telly! Adjust the heat to your heart’s content at the touch of a button from where you are sitting –simple. It really doesn’t get any easier.

·  A godsend for back and mobility problems

Remote control operation makes life a lot easier for people who suffer from bad backs or other mobility problems. Rather than having to walk over and bend down to operate your gas fire, simply turn it on and off, up or down, by using the remote control buttons on your handset.

At Sussex Fireplace Gallery, we have a number of different remote control gas fire options available. Ask us about inset and outset gas fires with remote controls, and high efficiency gas fire options. For contemporary homes, why not consider a hole-in-the-wall gas fire complete with remote control? Visit our showrooms in Portslade or Polegate and ask our friendly team for advice and a demonstration.

How do you operate a remote control gas fire?

Our remote control gas fires work with either a mains connected or battery operated control valve that responds to the battery powered remote control handset. Some gas fires can be operated manually too, using standard controls on the appliance itself. Other gas fire models are fully remote (such as hole-in-the-wall gas fires), and the absence of manual controls give these fires a sleek, contemporary appeal.

An important feature for gas fire remote controls are the added safety features that ensure the appliance cannot be switched on accidentally. There’s an isolation switch that must be in the ‘on’ position for the remote handset to be able to work. If the remote control isn’t used much, and to save on battery life, the switch can be turned off again.

What’s more, most gas fire remote controls need a particular sequence before they can be used. This could be holding down a button or applying a certain amount of pressure. This is important to know if the device is to be operated by someone with hand mobility problems, as they may experience difficulties. Ask us for details.

Many modern remote controlled gas fires have thermostatic heat controls. Temperature levels in the room are monitored continually and the flame adjusted automatically to your individual preference. Some appliances have a timer/programmer function so you can set the exact times you want the gas fire to come on. This is a great energy saving feature.

Finally, you’ll be pleased to hear that many fires have a ‘pager’ function in case you should lose the remote handset. Simply call the remote from the gas fire itself – a signal will be sent to the remote handset to make a sound, leading you straight to where you’ve misplaced it.

For local fireplace expertise in Sussex and beyond, Sussex Fireplace Gallery should be your first port of call. We have some of the best remote control gas fires available, with plenty of options for all requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our huge range of gas fires, electric fires, traditional fireplaces and wood burning stoves.

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