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Electric Fireplaces provide a stunning focal point for any living room, giving and look and feel of genuine warmth, even when the independently operated heating elements are not required! Both of our extensive fireplace shops display all kinds of Electric fireplaces, from traditional Coal effect electric fires with Brass or Black Trims, to electric stoves using patented myst or hologram flames effects, right through to a number of ranges of the most modern electric fires, to be built into houses with or without a chimney.

Electric fires are the future, and in the past 5 years, the best manufacturers in the UK have realised that and introduced some stunning new ranges to the independent fireplace showroom market. We have several ranges available on display in your nearest Sussex Fireplace Gallery showroom.

Benefits of Choosing an Electric Fire

Electric fireplaces offer a number of advantages that make them an attractive heating and decorative option for many homes. Unlike traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces, electric models do not require any venting or routing of a chimney flue. This makes them an ideal choice for spaces where adding a flue or venting is not feasible due to construction limitations or design preferences, and enables homeowners to enjoy environmentally friendly fires.

Electric fireplaces also allow for zonal heating, meaning you can turn the heat on or off independently from the flame effects. This enables you to add targeted warmth to just the room you're in rather than overheating your entire home. On warmer days when you don't need the heat, you can simply activate the flames for cosy ambiance.

Electric models provide added safety benefits as well, since they don't emit any smoke or carbon monoxide and the glass stays cool to the touch. Installation is also easier than vented models, only requiring a standard electrical outlet to operate.

Realistic Flame Effects

For one of the most realistic flame effect electric fires we’ve ever seen, we recommend the Solution Fires range. With 6 pre-set mood effects and an app controller for complete control over the look of your fireplace, these electric fires are some of the best on the market.

Both our fireplace shops also stock the highly versatile e-Reflex electric fires range by Gazco, and the stunningly realistic Halo electric fires by Evonic Fires. Our three premium ranges include modern electric fires which can be installed into an existing fireplace, new fireplaces, stoves and contemporary wall-mounted models to suit every situation.

Electric fires have always been a type of ‘smoke and mirrors’, and nothing screams that more than the Opti-myst (smoke) effect range, and the hologram reflecting Opti-V (mirrors) effects by world-renowned electric heating manufacturer Dimplex. These smoke effect electric fires are sure to look great in any home.

Understanding Electric Fireplace Energy Use

When considering an electric fireplace, it's important to understand how much energy it will require to operate. There are three key factors that determine an electric fireplace's energy consumption:

Wattage – Electric fireplaces range from around 400W to 2000W. Higher wattage units produce more heat but use more electricity.

Electricity Cost
– The cost per kWh depends on your energy provider and rate plan. Check your price in pence per kWh to estimate operating costs.

Usage Time
– Your specific usage will vary by season, climate and preferences. Estimate how many hours per day you are likely to use the fireplace.

Consider getting a programmable thermostat to control the heating schedule and optimise energy savings. Also look for energy efficient features like a sleep timer or eco mode. With an energy efficient electric fireplace and sensible usage habits, you can enjoy the cosy feel of a fireplace at minimal cost.

Maintaining Your Electric Fireplace

Luckily, keeping your electric wall fireplace looking like new doesn’t require much effort. Regular cleaning of the glass front using a damp cloth or a specialised electric fireplace glass cleaner will remove any dust and fingerprints that accumulate. You'll also want to periodically use a soft brush to gently whisk away any dust or debris that gathers along the flame effects and fuel bed areas. About once a month, vacuum the air inlets to remove any dust build-up that could impede proper airflow for heating. 

For built-in electric fires, take care to keep the ventilation areas and internal fans free of obstructions so they can work properly. Any major repairs to internal components should only be done by a qualified electrician. With consistent care and cleaning, your electric fireplace will provide cosy, realistic flames for many seasons.

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A visit to your nearest Sussex Fireplace Gallery showroom is essential if you’re in the market for a new electric fireplace. Everyone has their own unique needs, from the look of a fireplace to the functionality so, consequently, no single product stands definitively above the rest. We recommend viewing electric fireplaces for yourself before deciding which of these stunning electric fires will be the new focal point in your home.

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