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What are the benefits of having an electric fire?

July 2021
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A fireplace creates a wonderful focal point for your sitting room or kitchen/diner, but how essential is it to have a real flame? Real fire aficionados may refuse to consider anything other than an open fire, a woodburning stove or a gas fire, but many homes simply don’t give you that option. Luckily, electric fires have come a long way, providing an attractive and versatile alternative for every type of home.

At Sussex Fireplace Gallery, we supply and install all kinds of fireplaces, and both our showrooms have a wide range of electric fireplaces on display, for you to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional coal effect fires or stunning contemporary models, or even an electric stove with patented Optimyst realistic flame or hologram flame effect, today’s electric fires are no longer second best. Here are seven benefits that are hard to beat.

1. A wealth of choice

One of the first things you’ll find when looking into electric fires is that there are lots of different styles and designs available. Whatever kind of property you have, you’re bound to find a fire that meets your needs.

If you have a fireplace already, an inset electric fire might be a good choice. If there's no existing fireplace but you would like the appearance of one, how about a standalone electric fire? A wall-mounted electric fire is a great solution for small rooms and a fabulous finishing touch for contemporary interiors schemes.

At Sussex Fireplace Gallery, our Solution Fire range offers one of the most realistic flame effects you’ve ever seen, with six preset mood effects and an app controller. We also stock the e-Reflex range by Gazco and almost lifelike Halo electric fires by Evonic Fires. Our premium ranges include models that can befitted into existing fireplaces, new fireplaces, stoves and wall-mounted models to accommodate any kind of home.

2. An easy-care solution

Cleaning and looking after an open fire or woodburner can sometimes feel like a chore. There are grates to clean and ash to dispose of, and the prospect of discoloration of the surrounding stone and walls means more upkeep and maintenance effort is required. You also need to ensure the chimney is swept once a year, which is a professional job.

Compare and contrast this with an electric fire where none of the above is necessary. With no actual fuel being burnt, there’s no mess to clear up, leaving your house pristine and as clean as a whistle.

3. Affordable Process

Buying and installing a conventional fireplace or gas fire may involve building works to the room, while electric fires are generally cheaper than other types of fire. Of course, you can always spend more to get a premium product, but electric fires tend to be a more budget friendly option.

What's more, as already mentioned, you won’t need to pay to maintain your electric fire on a regular basis, as there’s not much needed in the way of upkeep.

4. Versatility and Portability

The great thing about electric fires is that they simply plug into a power socket, meaning you can switch them off and move them to another room if you wish. Whether you’re changing your room scheme or you’re moving house, why spend money on a new electric fire when your existing one can move too?

Electric fires can go virtually anywhere in the home, even if you don’t have a chimney. As nothing is being burnt, there’s no need for a flue to siphon away any nasty fumes, so the location of your electric fire is entirely up to you. Enjoy the comfort of a cosy fire anywhere, anytime.

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