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Case Studies

Built-in, High Efficiency Fireplace


Mr & Mrs R from Maidstone came to us looking for a feature fireplace in their new house. When they visited the showroom they quickly found the item that was to become the centrepiece of the house; our stunningly realistic & highly efficient Vento Classic package. This fire has outputs up to 8kw and an efficiency rating of 80% meaning it can be used to heat the living room comfortably, while sending additional ambient heating to the rest of the house. In this case the fire was installed with the simplest 'Up & Out' Flue System but the fire can also be installed with a flue to other outside walls, out through the roof or into a traditional chimney stack.

Contemporary, Balanced Flue Gas Fire


Mr & Mrs C from Eastbourne came to us needing a solution to their existing fire that was causing them a number of problems. Their fan-flued inset gas fire was so noisy that it was causing a nuisance to their adjoining neighbour and was so inefficient that all the heat it did produce was sent straight upstairs. Our clients were now looking for something more modern and with the boundary behind being too close for current gas regulations it was decided that the best option was to install a fire with a vertical balanced flue. Our Vento 70 fits the bill perfectly, solving all of the problems whilst only taking up the floorspace of the previous fire surround. The new false wall gives the room character and houses a very efficient, high output gas fire that is stunningly realistic, silent and even works in a power cut!

Contemporary, High Efficiency Fire with Feature Wall


Mr & Mrs K of St Leonards visited the showroom looking to get a contemporary gas fire with a high enough output to heat a large room, and the wow factor that does justice to their contemporary living space.  The biggest obstacle we faced was that many newer build properties do not have a wide enough or high enough opening to accommodate the type of fires our client required.  Therefore, it was decided that in order to fulfil all of our client’s requirements we would install a balanced flue fire in front of the wall, sending the flue gases out through the disused chimney.  This stunning frameless fire was then built around using fire-rated partitioning to create a contemporary wall that even allowed for their television to be built in beside the fire.

Open Fires to Woodburning Stoves

Yeoman Exe & CL5

Mr & Mrs W of Crowborough visited the showroom looking to replace open fires in their living and dining rooms with high output, high efficiency woodburning stoves.  They were looking for similar outputs that would allow any excess heat to disperse upstairs, but give two completely different looks.  The living room has been finished in a traditional style with brick slip interior coupled with our Yeoman Exe double door stove, while the render finish compliments the more modern CL5 perfectly.  Our experience in project management and quality of workmanship means that we can carry out this type of job from start to finish; as well as style any of our stoves with beam fascias, floating shelves and complete marble or stone fireplaces.

Traditional Gas Stove

Yeoman Exmoor Balanced Flue

Mr ** of Battle came to us looking for a Woodburning stove to be installed into a brick false chimney that had been built at his property.  It soon became apparent that clearance requirements from combustible materials would mean that the timber beam installed at the top of the opening would prevent a woodburning stove being installed here.  Further questions established that our client’s key requirements were an aesthetically pleasing stove that was highly efficient, and has a high enough output to heat the room on its own for most of the year.  The Balanced Flue Yeoman gas stove that we installed met our client’s requirements for a fire, as well as satisfying the manufacturers clearance requirements to enable it to be installed below the beam.

Hand Carved Limestone Fireplace with High Efficiency Fire


Mr & Mrs C of Crowborough visited the showroom looking for a new fireplace feature that would do justice to their brand new house.  The biggest problem with new houses is that quite often the opening at the bottom of the chimney is not large enough to install the types of fires that many of our customers are looking for and is extremely difficult to adjust.  In this instance, after a site survey to check suitability we were able to specify the Faber Presence; a high efficiency built in gas fire that gives the impression of an open fire but with the benefit of remote control and an efficiency rating up to 75%.  When combined with our hand carved Chilgrove fireplace, this package provided the stunning feature our client was looking for that maximised all of the available opening at the bottom of the chimney.

Multiple Fireplaces in Country House

Custom Limestone Fireplaces, Stovax Studio, Gazco Studio

Mr & Mrs H from Penshurst came to us because our comprehensive range of fireplaces, fires and stoves represented a one stop shop they could rely on for the range of products they needed to complete their house refurbishment.  We installed a range of products here that included decorative fireplaces for the family room and bedrooms, a grand open fire for the main living room, a contemporary woodburner for the dining room and finally a stunning modern feature that greets visitors in the main entrance hall.

Inset Woodburner into Existing Marble Mantelpiece


Mr & Mrs L in a period property near Lewes came to us keen to change the inside of their beautiful natural marble fireplace to something that reduced draughts and gave an output that would heat their large, chilly living room.  Although the occasions that we can carry out this type of installation is limited, in cases where houses have irreplaceable fireplaces such as this we carry out careful adjustments to ensure the new high efficiency product compliments the original surround.  The granite hearth and slips subtly link the divide between old and new and this high output Barbas insert will ensure that even when the fire is not used, the big draughts that sweep up a chimney with an open fire are all but eliminated.

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