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Christmas Closure  -  5pm on Wednesday 18th December until 10am on Thursday 2nd January

Covid-19 Updates

In order to protect our teams and our clients from the threat of Covid-19, we have carried out a thorough risk assesment and made a number of updates to our showrooms and installation policies. Full details can be provided upon request but the important showroom updates are shown on this page, to reassure anyone planning a visit to either of our showrooms.

- Social distancing reminder signs at entrances in within stores
- One way system in operation with warnings where 2 way is essential
- Hand sanitiser, facecoverings & gloves available upon entry
- Reduced seating in sales area to ensure social distancing can be enforced
- Sneeze screen protection at all desk areas
Closing at 2pm on Saturday 7th July due to England World Cup Quarter Final